WOW! What a collection we have here… This lock box is loaded with TONS of old U.S. silver coins, type coins, key dates and MUCH MORE! We decided it was best to split this collection into smaller lots and ALL MUST GO!


Each and every lot is jam packed with old silver coins ranging from dimes to dollars – and true of all coins we sell, these are absolutely magnificent. Every coin will come housed in its own protective coin holder, allowing you to safely store your purchase for years to come. Every lot is GUARANTEED to contain at least five old U.S. silver coins, all of which will date prior to 1964! In addition, we’re including at least one piece of gold AND an additional uncirculated US coin featuring an iconic president that is at least 60+ years old in every purchase!


We’re proud to be one of the few sellers offering such magnificent coin lots at rock bottom prices. Moreover, we’re thrilled to hear of all the valuable coins that everyone is finding! All of these wonderful finds are a testament to the fact that our lots are TRULY unsearched and have NEVER been offered for sale anywhere else!


Each and every bag is GUARANTEED to be filled with old silver coins dated prior to 1964. Again, recent customers have found both semi-key and key dates, along with a slew of errors that paid for their purchase and then some. We have just over 500 bags available, all of which have never been searched… allowing you to find any of the key and semi-key dates!


So what are you waiting for? These bags will not be for sale very long as interest in them has only skyrocketed in recent weeks. If you have any questions whatsoever, please do send us a message.